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Rules and Regulations


  1. Any person who registered as a member of is issued a personal account. Member must submit accurate and correct information, such as name of the account, ID number, login password, e-mail address and real name for identification purposes.

  2. Members should keep their personal information updated and any changes should be reported to (Panel Resources Ltd.). (Panel Resources Ltd.) will reserve the right to terminate any account that contains false or incorrect information, and (Panel Resources Ltd.) will not be responsible for compensating any loss or damage due to the termination of the related account.

  3. (Panel Resources Ltd.) is not liable for the problem of member's personal computer, network connections, e-mail account and security of personal information, or divulging personal information because of browsing our website.

  4. All images, sounds and other contents in are protected under the Hong Kong Copyright Law. Reprinting, posting and under any circumstances to display any relevant content of without our permission are strictly prohibited. (Panel Resources Ltd.) remains the right for any legal action thereafter.

  5. For any illegal hack and interference, intentional disturbance or improper use of our website due to any damages, (Panel Resources Ltd.) remains the right to cease the responsible account without any compensation.

  6. Members must participate in to do exercises in order to earn marks in the account. (Panel Resources Ltd.) remains the right to cancel the marks if we have reasonable doubts about the marks are not achieved under proper ways. For marks from exercises or any other contestation, all final decisions are concluded by (Panel Resources Ltd.).

  7. All members must own only one account. If more than one account login at the same time or any member owns more than one account, (Panel Resources Ltd.) remains the right to terminate that account without any compensation.

  8. (Panel Resources Ltd.) is not liable for the protection of personal computer, software and program or equipments when browsing our website. If any damage is caused when browsing or login our website, is not responsible for the matters.

  9. Recommended requirements of the computer system for are PIII íV 650MHz, 128M Ram, 56K Modem, Microsoft Windows 98, and installed Internet Explorer 6 and Flash Player 6.0.

  10. Equipments of member's personal computer can affect parts of the online exercises and the rate of data transmission. If the progress of learning is therefore affected, (Panel Resources Ltd.) is not responsible for the matters.

  11. (Panel Resources Ltd.) is not liable for the damage or any inconvenience caused if data transmission is interrupted or affected, or the loss of data or information because of the problems of the system when browsing or participating in the activities of our website.

  12. (Panel Resources Ltd.) is not liable for the criminal or civil legal liabilities for any speech (includes words, sounds, graphics, photos and all other contents) from members in our online communication platform. Members must be responsible for their own actions.

  13. (Panel Resources Ltd.) reserves the right to amend the above rules and regulations without further announcement beforehand.

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